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Polytech’ Marseille






Polytech Marseille is Aix-Marseille University’s engineering school. It is connected to the Polytech national network (13 schools) and offers 8 engineering specialities in high-tech fields.

Onsite, Château-Gombert/St Jérôme:
– Mechanics and Energetics
– Civil Engineering
– Microelectronics
– Telecommunication, Industrial Engineering and Computer Science

On Marseille-Luminy campus:
 Network and multimedia computing
– Biotechnology
– Biomedical engineering and materials

Students are recruited via joint competitive examinations following their baccalaureates (a 2-year integrated preparatory cycle) or following 2, 3 or 4 years of university studies (3-year engineering cycle). With 1,200 students, Polytech Marseille ranks among the largest engineering schools in the South of France in terms of student size. It draws upon the skills and experience of 16 research laboratories in the forefront of their fields. The engineering students are thus able to take advantage of a privileged scientific environment, which prepares them to bring innovation to businesses. Every year, 300 new engineering graduates enter the job market and so far a total of more than 6,000 engineering graduates have been trained in the engineering specialities that today are consolidated under the Polytech Marseille label.

Director: Philippe Dumas