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Centrale Marseille

The spirit of innovation + a sense of responsibility: beyond the slogan, the essence of an identity

Centrale Marseille’s calling is to train general engineers with both wide open-mindedness to the world and entrepreneurial and innovative skills. The school provides top-level scientific education that is deeply rooted in entrepreneurship and research. It employs over 200 outside contributors, many of whom are from the business world, and 120 full-time teaching researchers, who lead their research projects in one of the school’s partner twelve laboratories. This intertwining has created a real dynamic between teaching, research and companies.

Centrale Marseille strives to both foster new talents and develop their sense of responsibility and respect in terms of personal and societal values.

Centrale Marseille is fully involved in the dynamics of the Écoles Centrale Group, and its students are given the opportunity to attend their third year of studies in either another of the Group’s schools or in one of their partner universities, which rank among the best in the world.

Director:  Frédéric FOTIADU

Ecole Centrale Marseille

Technopôle de Château-Gombert
38, rue Frédéric Joliot Curie
13383 Marseille Cedex 13
Phone:  +33 (0)4 91 05 45 45