Le lieu de l’innovation technologique et entrepreneuriale

MPM Innovation Fund


Since 2003, Marseille Provence Métropole has led Marseille Provence Innovation Fund; this structure which supports the creation and development of innovative, job-generating companies in the Marseille urban area was jointly implemented by the State, the Department Council (13), Marseille Provence Métropole and the City of Marseille.

Eligibility conditions

  • To be either an innovative SME (<250 employees) with 2 years of existence, or an innovative  company in the creation phase (supported by Marseille Innovation or Grand Luminy business incubators, or by the Impulse or Belle-de-Mai incubators, or else by the Pégase cluster).
  • To work in the fields of engineering sciences, aeronautics, multimedia, biotech-health.
  • To set themselves up in one of the 4 following areas: Marseille Provence Technology Park in Château-Gombert, Luminy Technology Park, Pôle Média in Belle-de-Mai in Marseille or Parc des Florides in Marignane.
  • To create at least 3 permanent safeguarded jobs within 3 years.

€8,000 per permanent hire (maximum amount granted to each company over 3 years, up to a €96,000 ceiling).

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