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Private schools

Three private computer science schools are located in the Technology Park:


The G4 Institute  is acknowledged by the professional sector as the leading training centre for dual competency careers: Project Management and IS Techniques. The G4 Institute has anticipated the sector’s skills requirements by developing a particular form of education; they have created a nationwide partner business network to effectively train IT, Multimedia or Safety project managers, (4IM, 4MM, ISMP and 4tech).
Staff: 50 teachers, 150 students

Director: Léopold COHEN

Institut G4
Technopôle Marseille Provence à Château-Gombert
Les Baronnies – Bât E
Rue Paul Langevin
13013 Marseille
Phone: +33 (0)8 11 69 00 00
Contact :

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SUPINFO International University Higher Computing School  aims to offer broad-based teaching so as to meet the expectations of all businesses while guaranteeing widened employment opportunities. Therefore, all of today’s computing and digital options are naturally integrated in SUPINFO’s curricula. A simple, clear and flexible curriculum, geared to all profiles, on campus or through distance learning. Each school year can be attended either on a Campus other than the SUPINFO worldwide network, or from afar via our Virtual Campus. The University year begins in early November. For parallel admissions (Undergraduate and Bachelor) upgrading skills in computer science is mandatory: an early pre-opening in October is scheduled free of charge.

Training: Development, systems, networks;
Safety: WEb, PHP, JAvA, .nET, embedded developments, WInDoWS SERvER, LInUX, MAC oS, CISCo, bI, EAI/ERP, oRACLE, SHAREPoInT, Management, law, etc…

150 students, 20 trainers
Director:  Michel Laurent

Technopôle Marseille Provence Château-Gombert
Les baronnies – bât b
15, Rue Marc Donadille
13013 Marseille
Phone: 01 53 35 97 00 / 01 53 35 97 01
E-mail :



The training focuses on learning the use of an array of methods, techniques and tools necessary for design, production and maintenance of industry quality software. The whole IT engineering programme is addressed: algorithms, database, systems and networks, design methods, project management, Web technologies, JAvA, .nET, mobile computing, Android, IoS. Candidates are selected from BTEC level in computer science, vocational training certificate, HND, BSc (nearest GB equivalents). Curriculum is delivered in alternation between the school and the company.

Diplomas awarded:
– Expert in IT engineering Master’s degree (following 5 years of higher education)
– Project manager in IT systems (following 4 years of higher education)
Staff: some 20 teachers
50 students

Director:  Ahmed Mebkhout

Technopôle Marseille Provence Château-Gombert
IIRIAM – Europarc bât C
26, Rue John Maynard Keynes
13013 Marseille
Phone: 04 91 95 50 00
E-mail :