Federations and partnerships


The Carnot STAR institute pools together twelve academic research laboratories located in Marseille. Its activities range from fundamental research to high-tech innovations and cover 5 scientific specialties connected to a number of fields of application. Thanks to its widespread expertise and transdisciplinary approach, the Carnot STAR institute provides its R&D potentialities to meet the challenges set by the socio-economical environment. This multidisciplinary approach is laid out over five lines of operation: - Materials and Processes - Components and Electronic & Photonic Systems – System Security and Risks - Flows and Transfers - Imaging and Diagnosis. The Carnot STAR institute is made up of the following twelve laboratories: Fresnel Institute, ICR, IM2NP, IRPHE, IUSTI, LAM, LMA, LP3, LSIS, M2P2, MADIREL, PIIM.

Director:  Denis Bertin

Carnot STAR Institute
Technopôle Marseille Provence Château-Gombert
Europarc, Bâtiment C
13453 Marseille Cedex 13
Phone: +33 (0)4 13 55 23 85
Website: http://www.icstar.fr



The Fabri de Peiresc research Federation concentrates four Marseille laboratories (LMA, IRPHE, M2P2, IUSTI) working in the fields of Mechanics and Energetics in the widest sense. Therefore, its target is the science of motion and deformation (Mechanics) related to that of sources and transfer (Energetics). The Federation's goal is to stimulate research between the laboratories by strengthening exchanges, co-operation and sharing their expertise and resources.
Director: Olivier Pouliquen

Technopôle Marseille Provence Château-Gombert
5, Rue Enrico Fermi
13013 Marseille
Tel.: 04 91 16 42 64
Website: www.federation-peiresc.cnrs.fr
E-mail: erosu@lma.cnrs-mrs.fr



The Sciences of the Universe Observatory (OSU) Pythéas Institute federates five major Joint Research Units (CEREGE, IMBE, LAM [its sole laboratory in Château-Gombert Technology Park], LPED, MIo) and Pythéas JRU, with a team of over 100 staff that provide cross-cutting services to the laboratories including oHP, a centre of multidisciplinary observation and collective technology platforms. Under the authority of CNRS and IRD, OSU Pythéas Institute is an internal school in Aix Marseille University that covers the major scientific fields of Earth, Environment and Universe Sciences:
- Environmental geosciences
- Biodiversity and ecological sciences
- Astronomy
- Ocean science
- Environment / society interactions.

Over 1,000 persons are employed by the Pythéas Institute in more than 11 sites.
Staff: 30 in the Technology Park
Director : Bruno HAMELIN

Technopôle Marseille Provence Château-Gombert
38, Rue Frédéric Joliot Curie
13013 Marseille
Tel.: 04 91 05 59 00
Website: www.pytheas.univ-amu.fr
Email : thierry.botti@osupytheas.fr