Pierre Chauvet, founder and entrepreneur of APPROBANS

Pierre Chauvet, directeur du cabinet APPROBANS
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After several years experience with Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young, Pierre Chauvet founded the Approbans consulting office in Marseille, his native city, in 2010: "I am back in Marseille in the same way salmon swim their way upstream!" In less than 4 years, Approbans has already built up a proven customer base. Just last February the office assisted Zodiac Aerospace in the acquisition of the US Pacific Precision Products Company: "This Company, which is based in South California, specialises in aircraft oxygen devices. We worked on the financial aspect of the operation by auditing the target". 

More recently, in their capacity as shares auditor, Approbans facilitated co-operation between Villages Clubs du Soleil and Renouveau Vacances, two significant actors in social tourism in France. "So far, Pierre Chauvet states, our core business is still located in the Paris area, but we strive to develop a local network, especially with the start-ups that we assist in terms of fund raising, just like Crosslux in Rousset, Chocolaterie on line or SeFaireAider.com, a service platform that was launched in early 2014 by Pascal Queslin and Denys Chalumeau (founders of Seloger.com). We also assist several regional actors in capital development (ACG Management - formerly Viveris, Midi Capital…) as well as Companies with a strong external growth such as Marcel & fils, the organic retailer operating outlets in and around Marseille." 

Contact : pierre.chauvet@approbans.com
Further info : www.approbans.com

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Monday, 7 December, 2015

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