Pierre Sagaut, award EADS 2010, director of laboratory M2P2

Pierre Sagaut, Directeur du Laboratoire M2P2, Technopole de Château-Gombert
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Awarded the Academy of Sciences EADS prize in 2010 for the impact of his research on the aeronautics industry, Pierre Sagaut joined the M2P2 "Mechanics, Modelling, Green Processes" laboratory in Château-Gombert Technology Park last October.

Pierre Sagaut is a former ONERA engineer specialising in the computer modelling of fluid flow; he is one of the designers of the LABS software, using Boltzmann equations - which is usually reserved for the characterisation of gas and molecular motions so as to develop models of all air-related phenomena, whether thermal, acoustic or aerodynamic. Although it was initially developed for the aeronautics and automobile industry (Renault, Airbus…), LABS today benefits from new functionalities such as moisture physics that widen the field of its prospective customers toward town planners and architects (pollution circuit, CO2 emissions, wind impact and circulation, etc) and the yet unexplored field of "City Physics".




"Above all it is M2P2's quality of research and its very strong link with industries that appealed to me, Pierre Sagaut states, as well as its reputation in the community: it is in fact a researcher in this laboratory, Bernard Roux, who in the 80's was one of the pioneers of parallel computing, which later led to the computing power of current systems…". As for the links with the industry sector, Marseille differs from Paris in terms of the nature and scale of existing companies.

"In Paris the major groups extensively co-operate with labs, and the communication methods are finely tuned. They are familiar with the equipment, have a mapping of the high-tech platforms and cope with the administrative constraints imposed by public research. Here there are mainly a large number of SMEs, SMIs and Medium-Sized companies with no historical connections with the academic laboratories. Consequently, new co-operation methods remain to be implemented for more efficiency in meeting the needs of these companies within time scales suited to their requirements". This analysis resonates with Château-Gombert Technology Park's strategic direction, so that the excellence of the site's scientific expertise is made to serve the major industrial projects of the metropolitan area, such as the Henri Fabre project in aeronautics, or the naval industry projects and innovation as a whole.

 Contact  pierre.sagaut@univ-amu.fr


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Thursday, 19 November, 2015

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