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Astrophysics / Imaging / photonics

Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM)  / Technopôle Marseille Provence

Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory is among the leading French astrophysics research labs endowed with great expertise in the field of space. It combines fundamental research in astrophysics and technological research in ground and space instrumentation. In the very same premises, the OPTITEC South-eastern Imaging-Photonics competitive cluster, contributes both in strengthening Research/Industry synergies and in developing internationally oriented companies.


Mecanique et complexité

Today the Château-Gombert Technology Centre is second only to Paris as the leading French cluster in mechanics-energetics research: It concentrates in the very same place the four laboratories of the Fabri de Peiresc Federation and the Mechanics and Complexity Laboratory of Excellence (Labex MEC) that have been selected within the scope of the Investments for the Future programme. Closely linked to the Region's key industrial projects such as the Henri Fabre project, the Château-Gombert Technology Park is host to 15 technology platforms, which are open to cooperative projects with all innovative companies.

Digital Technology & IT

The Technology Park is home to four teams from the Provence Material Sciences, Microelectronics and Nanoscience Institute (one among the leading laboratories in the PACA region), as well as the Quarma team from the Marseille Fundamental Computer Laboratory and the Marseille Mathematics Institute.


Nos start-up


  • Pierre Chauvet, directeur du cabinet APPROBANS

    Pierre Chauvet, founder and entrepreneur of APPROBANS

  • Julie Ducruet, créatrice et directrice de Pulpe de vie

    Julie Ducruet, entrepreneur, Pulpe de vie

  • Christophe Baralotto,  co-fondateur du groupe Provence Technologies et de MailinBlack

    Christophe Baralotto, co-founder of the Provence Technologies Group and company antispam MailInBlack


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