Aurore Duhamel, vice-president of the "Provence Engineers Without Borders" association

Aurore Duhamel, élève ingénieur Centrale Marseille
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Engineering student at Centrale Marseille and Vice-president of the "Provence Engineers Without Borders" association

Aurore Duhamel, a 3rd-year engineering student at Centrale Marseille specialising in Project Organisation/Management and Professional Auditing/Consultancy, has been actively contributing to the Ecole's community life since her arrival and today serves as vice-president of the 'Provence Engineers Without Borders' association.

Created in 1984, i.e. two years after the ISF France federation, the 'Provence Engineers Without Borders' group is an international student aid association (1901 Act) based in the premises of Ecole Centrale Marseille. ISF works for sustainable development both in France and all over the world through various actions: development projects in association with experienced external partners (in particular the successful TOGO project, thanks to which solar panels were installed in a number of remote villages in Togo), awareness campaigns related to development issues by means of various events, mostly within the school but also occasionally in the Marseille area together with the national federation (see ISF France) as well as several local actions (fair-trade shop, organic food baskets, recycling) to contribute to changing daily behaviours.

After a Science baccalaureate and Physics/Chemistry preparatory classes, Aurore chose to return to Ecole Centrale to be trained as a versatile engineer and be capable of managing multi-disciplinary schemes encompassing technological, environmental and social challenges. Experience at international level is also an integral part of the students' curriculum: Aurore completed a 6-month academic curriculum within the "National Taiwan University of Science and Technology" in Taipei to attend an MBA (Master’s degree of Business Affairs) and an internship in Shanghai, China in her 1st year.

A certainty for the future: It will be international!

The current "Engineers Without Borders" team is seeking new partners to launch further projects abroad. Contact!


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Wednesday, 9 November, 2016

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